Woodography | Day 6 - July 8th

Day 6 - July 8th

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July 8th - Day  6

After the headlight problems, Bob and I woke up the latest we could, and headed to Pottsville, Pennsylvania and the Yuengling Brewery.  Parking, like in Cooperstown, is basically on the street and was packed but we were able to find what seemed to be the last spot within reasonable distance. To take a tour, which is free, we had to go into the gift shop across the (small) street from the brewery.  They gave us a colored bracelet and we looked around the gift shop while we waited. The Yuengling swag was pretty reasonably priced.  T-shirts were $15-20. After about 15 minutes they called our color and the other 20 people joined us to cross the street.  The tour guide was knowledgeable, funny and she was very accommodating to wait for myself and others to take pictures.  


I won't give you a step by step in detail but it was basically:

1. Former keg-filling room

2. Underground caves (some man made)

3. Maintenance rooms/Cooker/Masher/Lauter


4. Filling/Bottling/Shipping rooms

After that, we went back across the street to the gift shop, but not into the gift shop but a backdoor into an area where they give you a 7 oz taste of any of the eight(?) types of beer they have.  You can also purchase growlers and have them filled or just get another beer, which you have to pay for of course.  It's basically a bar and people stand around taking pictures, socializing and drinking some tasty beverages. We met a couple that had driven over from Chicago to drop off their son at Army-Ranger training, and they were pretty awesome, John and Melissa, I believe (J&M if your reading this and I got your names wrong, I apologize. I had two beers with no breakfast...) We had great conversations about Chicago and Arizona, teaching, and other social issues.  John is getting his doctorate in educational philosophy (how cool is that) and Melissa is/was a dance instructor.  Intelligent and really nice people.  On this road trip, I've met a lot of people, and this two were some of my very favorites.

After the factory, we headed hope and slept.  The trip is awesome, but it is exhausting.  I am behind on days and post and they will be coming soon.  The speed of internet at places is very slow (like an hour for 6-7 pictures), which also slows down the quickness of post.  I hope you enjoy the blog and if you have any questions just leave them in the comments. 


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