Woodography | Day 7 - July 9th

Day 7 - July 9th

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Washington DC - Nationals Game and more

On Sunday, we resumed our baseball park tour.  It was to be an easy one with us only going to Washington D.C., which was only about 40 miles away.  Traffic can get pretty bad in DC so we left early to make sure to have enough time.  Traffic wasn't bad at all until we got a couple miles from the park.  I would say that only New York's pre-game traffic rivaled DC's.  It took 30 minutes to go three miles, although the worst were the off ramps and the streets nearest the parking areas. Once parked though, the walk was short and there were police manning the crosswalks and they were funny guys, joking around.

A view from the outside ramp at National Ballpark

Teddy Roosevelt in last place

Now, when we came to the east coast, the weather was nice and temperament.  As the week moved the temperature rose.  I guess we brought the heat with us.  It wasn't unbearable, but it was uncomfortable in the sun after a while. Bob's sister, Jennifer, decided to watch from the concourse/shade.  We sat just above the "Y" in "today's" in the photo below.

National Ballpark was a good park.  Clean, spacious, and the seats were comfortable, but I did notice something about the demographics.  In my estimation I would say that the fans were probably 95% white, but the workers were all 99% black. Racial/Ethnic/Class lines are alive and well in our nation's capital.  Sad. I could add a lot more to this but this is not the purpose of this blog. 

Ride Home

After the game, traffic was even worse, but it is what it is.  Once we made it out of the traffic, after about 5 minutes, we noticed a couple lights had come on on the dashboard, and then noticed the oil temperature was spiked. We called "the mechanic" Nick (Jennifer's husband), and he said to pull over and check the alternator belt.  Sure enough the belt had broke and the coolant had started bubble out just a little.  The belt needed had to be ordered and we were going to get a tow truck.

We waited for about two hours for the tow truck and I rode back with the driver and what I presume was his wife.  They were from Bulgaria, and were interesting to talk to.  They told me about Bulgaria, his dislike of the European Union and their thoughts on the President.  They were nice people and willing to answer all of my questions about Bulgaria and what not.  I'm a curious person. The drive was about an hour, so from leaving for the ball park and returning home was 10:45am  to 10pm.  A long day and a lot of standing around. It was exhausting.  

For the next couple days we stayed inside and didn't go anywhere.  It was gross outside with temperatures in the high 90's and humidity being high as well.  It's hard to compare what I am used to in Arizona when a heat wave hits.  If we compare what I can handle in Arizona, say when I really don't think it is a good idea to do yard work, I'd say 110 maybe 115.  I would say that the days in Virginia were a little worse, but not much.  Now if we are talking heat wave, like 123, then not as bad.  I could go do things outside, I would just be sweaty and dripping constantly.  No thanks, I'll sit inside and read and watch TV.  The first part of out trip was done and we needed the rest.  The driving part would probably be a but harder. Plus I was going to see a incredible person named Amy Calce (Cornell) and her family.




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